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Decking Materials

There are many options available when it comes to decking materials. In our area of the country, the market is dominated by Pressure Treated, Hardwood, and Composite decking.

Here is a brief overview of each of these options:

      Pressure treated                 Hardwood          Composites
Cost Lowest initial cost Higher initial cost Higher initial cost
Maintenance Requires the most maintenance, yearly staining Requires maintenance often but appearance is much better than pressure treated Requires little maintenace other than periodic cleaning, slight fading
Splintering and cracking Splinters, shrinks and warps easily Few splinters, possible shrinking and warpage No splinters or warping, slight shrinking
Investment Good Better Best

Some upgrades to consider are options such as:
  • Hidden fastener systems for composites that virtually eliminate any screw holes in the top of the deck.
  • Custom cedar or composite railing
  • Custom 3D renderings of your future deck

Hidden fastener installed in a composite board

Hidden fastener installed on a deck

Custom routed cedar post

Custom cedar post skirts

Deck construction

We take pride in the fact that we are way ahead of our competition in the design and construction of our decks. We use such features as notched posts and beams and Simpson fasteners for connecting posts to footers.

Here is and example of how our beams are set inside the posts. By doing this the weight of the deck is resting on the post rather than having the fasteners support the whole deck.

Curtis Parker

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