Parker Fence and Deck
Q:  Do I need a permit?
A: Yes, In both Chatham and Bryan county a permit is required for both a fence or deck.

Q: Who obtains the permit?
A: The homeowner is required to obtain the permit for a fence.

Q: How do I get the permit?
A: Visit your local city office and fill out their permit aplication. In the contractor information section write T.B.L. (To be licensed) if you do not have a signed contract in place with your fence contractor.

Q: What is the permit fee?

A: The cost of a can permit vary between each city, expect a cost of around $50.

Q: How long does the fence building  process take?
A: Most fences can be completed within 2-3 days, generally posts are set on day one and rails, pickets and gates are installed the following day.

Q: What type of materials are used for fences?
A: All standard fences are constructed out of pressure treated material and fastened together with hot dipped galvanized fasteners. At our customers request we can also use upgraded lumber such as cedar or cypress. 
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