Parker Fence and Deck
The selection of vinyl fencing brands in the market today can be overwhelming. With so many to choose from it takes experience to know what to look for in a quality vinyl fence. Some of our competitors offer inferior brands that use thinner vinyl that is more prone to sag and less resistant to impact and wind damage. 

Look for the following in a quality vinyl fence:
    - Rails that are reinforced with steel or aluminum
    - 6" wide pickets (larger than 6" and the picket loses strength and flexibility)
    - Picket thickness, .065 is great, .055 is good, .045 should be avoided  

All of our vinyl fences are special ordered straight from the manufacturer and made right here in the USA. Avoid the vinyl fencing purchased from stores like Home Depot and Lowes as it usually does not meet any of the standards mentioned above.

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